Project VIMPHIN  An Open Source Haptic Interface device (and it's software libraries):


The objective of this project is to lower the entry cost of haptic interfaces for the research, hobby and DIY community. Commercial haptic devices can be quite expensive for students, small laboratories and end-users in general. So following the great examples set by the Open Source 3d printing community , we at hackeneering along with Interlab decided to start project VIMPHIN ("VIrtual Manipulator"'s PHysical INterface) . Our first prototype uses the AX12-A dynamixels robotic actuators to both capture the user's movements and provide haptic feedback. The manipulator's "topology" can be altered to fit your application needs with just some tiny modifications (joint positions and orientations in 3D space), so to sum up VIMPHIN is a Reconfigurable Haptic Interface you can customize to fit your needs 


If you want to build your own I'm sure Trossen Robotics will be pleased to provide you with the required parts ( we are using the ARBOTIX controller for now, but in the future versions we'll be designing our own (since we don't really need all the features provided by it)):


Source code for the libraries and demos are available at the project's wiki page.  You can also checkout VIMPHIN in action on the videos below:


First Haptic feedback demo (may 2012)


Second Haptic feedback demo (may 2012)

First demo to be released (december 2011)